The coding buzz remained at night and I couldn’t sleep because my stomach was quite unhappy with the curry I had yesterday. And so, I was quite sleep deprived whilst trying to be productive today.

What did I do?

Checked out the Deloitte Q&A and hearing back from a recruiter who reached out… intriguing!

Making a start on the single-page twitter clone app but in pure javascript, dun dun dun — though making use of an api that was already provided to create users and posts.

Did a couple of codewars too to train for my upcoming code review next Friday. I can now do javascript 5 kyu katas, hurray!

My goal is to submit 1 or 2 job applications this weekend and completing the twitter clone app. Wish me luck!



What did I do today?

I learned to connect shared hosting to my own purchased domain.

Built a really basic site for my portfolio with some placeholders and easy-to-the-eye styling.

Configure it to deploy automatically with git instead of uploading static pages manually.

Learned some more C#.

Booked an external code review for next Friday (ahhhhhh!)



Happy year of the ox to you all! As I explained to James, this is when you would say “Gong hey fatt choy” or “Gong xi fatt chai” to people you meet who are celebrating the new year. It literally means, congrats get rich.

I decided I would take the afternoon off and make sure we have enough food to last the celebration. I also felt like I had to earn it so I completed a practical on refactoring. Later this evening I finished off the Oystercard challenge so that it now calculates the correct fare for travelling between zone boundaries. I think there is still some refactoring to do but I’m satisfied that it’s essentially completed.

The weekend challenge awaits but I shall leave it for tomorrow.