In general, shorter is better — Encapsulation. Day 9 of Makers

I woke up at a normal reasonable time today, hurray. Even though the radiator did wake me up at 5:30am, I went back to bed and woke up again at 8:00am — small victories. I squeezed in a cheeky 10 minutes of RSpec on Udemy after I had my breakfast before we started our daily peer group check-in. The mood scale of the day was to compare how you feel to a shoe. I felt like a Croc, filled with holes… with all the new things I’ve learned for the past two weeks going in one way, and leaking out the other! I’d much rather be compared to a sponge, so pray that I will feel like one for the next 11 weeks.

The workshop today was on object orientated design, aided by diagramming so that we could visualise the appropriate domain model from the user stories. My immediate thought was, ooh pretty diagrams! However, it got a bit confusing for me when it came to where each method was coming from and going to, and which object will be the main class etc. I had a tendency to put all the user stories in one big paragraph, and conceptualise an environment where all of those elements would work.

That may or may not be wrong, but since we’re trying to TDD and start from the very first user story to the next, my peer group friend Ian has very kindly suggested it could be a good idea to imagine/develop those one at a time. One of the benefits may well mean we don’t get overwhelmed by the complexity of the environment immediately! Yup that’s sound.

I had a great time pair programming with Laura today, putting our Rspec knowledge to good use. Did I mention I’m 40% through the Udemy course? 1 hour a day keeps the mocking away… !

What about encapsulation?

Well… it’s hidden.



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