Mind the gap… Day 8 of Makers

We made it to the second week! The weekend most certainly did not feel like the usual weekend as we spent it completing our end of week challenge — airports and planes. While a big part of it does resemble Boris Bikes, there was an added element (the random weather generator) that introduced a certain extent of complexity to the code so I think that has stumped quite a few of us, myself included as I couldn’t mock its behaviour without introducing visibility to the weather variable itself. I understood encapsulation and some basic rspec principles/syntax separately, but found it a bit tricky hiding methods if I had to call on them for my tests. Nonetheless I did complete the requirements so I felt that was the best I can do for now. I guess I’ll have to wait until a technical coach gets back to me so I can bombard him/her with all my questions! If you’re interested in having a look at what I’ve made, just head over here.

In the meanwhile, I’ve finally started the Udemy rspec videos in between pairing sessions and workshops. I’m not usually a big fan of watching tutorial videos but since this apparently has rave reviews, I’m going to persevere!

So, what’s new today? We learned about code reviewing and essentially practiced on our pair partners using the code we did over the weekend. It was interesting to see how everyone’s done their code differently and think about what approaches could be more efficient and which code is easier to read etc.

Our afternoon challenge this weekend is yet another London themed product, the Oystercard. So far the tasks seem to be quite manageable, reminiscing the early steps of our previous challenges. I understand it is meant to incorporate the Object Orientated Design principles so will be interesting to see what happens next tomorrow!

Thanks to our radiator in the bedroom that really doesn’t like cold weather, I’ve been awake since 5:30am and so, I’m dozing off right about now.

Over and out!



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